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Our Story

We elevate the exceptional.

What could be more rewarding then helping to make the world a more beautiful place to be. Finding and showcasing the exceptional and seeing the wow-moment in the people around us.

We elevate the exceptional.

Our team at Vivid has over 25 years of combined experience in the luxury industry. Our mission is to create exceptional and refined events that elevate luxury brands and offer them meaningful opportunities to connect with potential buyers, journalists, and appreciators of their work. Our events reflect the wonder and magnificence of the brands they represent. To date we have orchestrated hundreds of acclaimed events since our founding that have been commended across sectors of the industry, including press. Vivid Events offer distinctive and revered experiences because they are the by-product of a team with a vast network of connections and a wealth of in-house expertise and creativity accumulated through years of first-hand experience, education, and exploration.

The Founder

Kimberley Williams

Creative Director of Vivid Events and Managing Director of Showcase Hire, Kimberley has been at the forefront of the luxury sector for over 10 years. Her innovative and eye-catching displays have seen her work with some of the most prestigious clients in the luxury jewellery and watch
industries. Kimberley’s unrivalled attention to detail alongside her professional approach has allowed her to foster ongoing relationships and showcase her displays with some of the most exclusive high-end venues around the world. These two strands of her business have allowed her to build strong exclusive relationships, connecting luxury brands with exclusive venues, to showcase to their best clients around the world.