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Wall Street Luxury Europe’s reporter Trudy Berger has had the opportunity to interview the founder and CEO of Vivid Events, Kimberley Williams, about what led her to create the event and her throught going forward.

Can you tell us about Vivid Events and what does it mean to you?

I have been working in the jewelry and watches industry from 13 years now, but my dream has always been to create my own event. During these years, I gained experience about the event industry, for instance, where are the perfect venues, how to select attendees, how to deal and organize the logistic, everything from top to bottom. At the Monaco Yacht Show – one of the most renowned and international events in the Principality of Monaco – I have noticed there was nothing with jewelry and that’s where I saw a real vivid opportunity. Instead of simply showcasing jewelry pieces, I crafted a whole new experience because the best way to build a relationship is around a dinner table. In 2019 I booked and paid in advance the location for my very first event. It was supposed to happen in September 2019 at the Fairmont Monte Carlo but, as we all know, the pandemic began, and I was devasted. I had two choices, to cancel the event or to continue. I chose to keep going, I couldn’t stop, it was my dream, I had to stay strong and keep believing in it. So, I just waited, and I re-arranged the first edition for the following year, September 2020. It was a success after defying all the odds – including running the event completely alone. It was amazing, one of the best experiences in my life. After the first event, I wanted to do something more. Since to me it is extremely important to make a difference and be generous, a charity gala was the perfect combination of my passion and my core values. The concept was greatly appreciated by both, attendees and brands like Chatila, Pasquale Bruni, Jacob & Co., Bee Goddess, Ortaea Fine Jewellery and Imperial Pure Gold 24K.

I want to make a difference, I want to look back and see Vivid Events did something worthwhile

Kimberley WilliamsFounder and CEO of Vivid Events

Where did your inspiration come from and why did you choose “Vivid Events” as a name?

Certainly from my past experiences and from listening to brands’ needs. Over the years, brands I worked with became friends and as a good friend, I listened carefully, and I supported them to the best of my abilities and means. Based on brands needs and honest feedback I created and adjusted the event until I was able to provide a seamless experience – if I can share a piece of advice, remember that you learn by doing! And as regards the name, I have always had vivid dreams, I could remember vividly colors, sounds, elements and then I saw the word “vivid” on a photocall. I just knew it was the right name.

What made you add the charity aspect?

I work with privileged people and although I am surrounded by precious and luxurious products, I know my roots. Of course, I do like buying nice things and to treat myself, but I don’t lose or forget where I come from. Give something back it is absolutely fundamental for me. Through Vivid Events I am able to select incredible charitable organizations like Dubai Care and I have the privilege to see a 5 years-journey that happens between the sponsor and the chosen charity association.

What are the key factors for luxury events and what makes Vivid Events so unique?

The pinnacle point of any event is the quality of attendees. If you sell all your tickets but brands are not able to take something out of it because the clientele is not the right one, it will be very disappointing for them, and you, being the organizer, will lose immediately your reputation. At the end of the day, companies need to create business that’s why quality is crucial. Furthermore, Vivid Events not only give brands the chance to showcases their pieces during the Gala Auction, but they also have access to private booth, therefore firms and attendees can enjoy an exhibition in a relaxed and intimate environment that you don’t get anywhere else.

What your attendees like the most and how can you keep the “wow effect” while remaining true to your core values?

I would say the limited number of brands and attendees, my events are and will stay exclusive. It is only by invitation; you cannot purchase tickets. Another aspect is the charity, I think it is very nice to see its progression, every year attendees and brands can learn and grow by following the development of the 5 years-journey. As regards the wow effect, entertainment definitely plays a huge role but also meeting and involving different brands contribute too.

What are the next locations and your ambitions for Vivid Events?

There are several new locations and exciting news. The 2022 begins in Dubai in May. I chose this city because it perfectly matches my core values, it is a beautiful place and it can accelerate the awareness and growth of Vivid Events. In June will occur the first edition of Porto Montenegro, the country is growing so much and currently there isn’t anything like Vivid Events, so it is going to be a little gem and hopefully a long standing one. After the summer break, Vivid Events will be back in Monaco during the Monaco Yacht Show, just like the first edition but in a new location that I cannot reveal yet and this year will see its conclusion in Singapore in December. My next goal is to add London, my home country, it just makes sense to me to complete my dream by adding this site – hopefully in 2023.

Interview by Trudy Berger